About The Scene
The Demoscene (or, the «Scene») is an the unique cultural phenomenon in the modern computer world.
Three-dimensional worlds displaying ang evolving realtime along with the convincing hand-drawn artwork and a dedicated soundtrack, thoroughly put together via stylish concept design techniques.
It’s not the mutlimegabyte movies, but a small executables 64 kilobytes in size, computing and replaying the stunning video and action realtime. No expensive 3D-accelerators, no professional MIDI-synthesizers, based on a purely Assembler code, these masterpieces of programming and design are truly unique experience that just simply cannot leave a one indifferent to the experience.
Opinion: To join a scene group is the best way to promote a freedom of creation. You may find people with an alternative point of view, same as you have. They can always give you an advice about the problems you have.