www.demoscene.ru Everything about demoscene in Russia and abroad. The fullest collection of demoscene works including music, graphics and animation, new, articles, interviwes and schedule of the demoparty. Free access to archive of the works, search through it, regular news dispatch, discussions. Softwear for editing and listening to music, its discriptions and recomendations fot using it.
www.scene.org.ru Alternative informatiom source about demoscene in Russia and abroad.
scenergy.nm.ru The site is rather concentrated on problems of ZX-csene than PC. The site is for real fans of this kind of scene. Read and explore.
scenesuxx.narod.ru Pessimistic approach to the problems of Russian demoscene.
www.t-rex.org T-Rex PC demogroup web home.
thesands.ru The SandS: Music for Games.